The WI Sellout.

Post date: Aug 15, 2016 12:11:10 AM

The people of the WI 7th district had a rare opportunity to send a message to Washington. They failed. Cong. Ryan will still continue to sell-out the conservative agenda. His new 6- point program will be just window dressing for more betrayal. First Trump said he was for him, before he said he was against him. Nehland stood for Trump's agenda on the border and on TPP. The people of Janesville made an "intelligent" decision based on three factors that don't matter: he ran for VP, he lives in our town, and he goes to my church. Therefore, he must be a good guy!?

Donald Trump betrayed his own words when he came out for Ryan. Is this someone who will shake up Washington and stand against the establishment? I don't think so! The neo-con WI establishment came out with an article the day before the election, saying that ten years ago Nehland was sited for drunk driving. This was a typical cheap campaign stunt, and I don't care if he was. He would not have betrayed us to the two main communist causes right now: amnesty and gay rights. I thought Trump voters were we loyal to certain principles. In this case they were not. They could have done more to address the problem in Congress by taking Ryan out ...than probably electing Trump. It's Congress that controls the purse strings and can affect more policies than the president....unless he cheats like Obama.

If you don't elect people that agree with Trump, nothing will change. Speaker Ryan has not stood up to the President. He has given him all he wants. The homepage on "Nehland for Congress" shows a picture of the two most dangerous men in America: Obama....and Ryan! The people of the 7th district voted on personality factors, not principle. That mistake will cost us dearly in the "lame duck" session unless Ryan takes the advice not to have one. I wouldn't bet my life on it.

Homosexual rights perversity and TPP will be put up for a vote in the "lame" session of Congress(aren't they all just lame?) Speaker Ryan will be supporting:

1) The Homosexual Classrooms Act(H.R.846). This will require Christian schools to teach appalling homosexual acts.

2) The Gay Bill of Special Rights(H. R. 3185). This will open the door for a plethora of lawsuits against those who

don't hire them...or fire them. This is another example of the communist party "forced association" game.

3) The Homosexual Adoption Mandate(H.R. 2449). The gay community can then practice pedophilia...through


...and working against those Congressmen who won't support it. Did he help Hueselkamp of KS? He will be working to take out the "Freedom Caucus". The transgender crowd has him as an ally too(just like Trump). House Speaker Ryan has ordered Raul Labrador(R-ID) to gut the First Amendment Defense Act(H.R. 2801). When we lose our freedom of religion and our national sovereignty to the EU, we can thank the blue(red) collar town of Janesville!...and the ignorant people of the 7th district.