The Year of the Rat

Post date: Apr 28, 2015 8:36:41 PM

This was the Chinese year,1992, in which Bill Clinton was elected to the Presidency. I would also categorize the elections of FDR and Obama in that same vein. I wonder if was 2008 the year of the snake?

Monica Lewinsky liked Bill's "snake" too much and he almost got impeached for it. Not for pleasing Monica, but for lying about it. Like the mob, they are always trying to "rat-up" someone else's body or pocketbook.

As the book, "The Year of the Rat", brings out; Clinton should have been impeached for his treasonous selling of secrets to the Chinese through such people as Johnny Huang, Ng Lapseng, Yah Lin "Charlie" Trie (partner with Ng in a prostitution ring), Maria Hsia, Ted Sioeng (narcotics trafficking), and Lt. Col. Lui Chaoying - daughter of the top Chinese Officer in the People's Liberation Army(PLA), for campaign contributions that saved him from defeat more than a few times.

All these contacts were linked to the billionaire Riady family of Indonesia. They contributed millions to the Clinton campaign. The Monica affair provided a decoy issue; he would rather try to lie his way out of. He would also start a decoy "wag the dog" war. Johnny Huang became the link to Bill Clinton and the source of intel for the Chinese when he was appointed to work in the Commerce Dept. in exchange for those contributions.

James Riady met the rising Arkansas Attorney General Bill Clinton 20 years earlier after becoming a co-owner of Arkansas's largest bank, the Worthen Bank. The Riadys were eventually forced out of banking in Arkansas for making "sweetheart loans" to themselves and other associates.

Clinton fulfilled two major Chinese needs: political and economic intelligence on the United States...and assistance with their military modernization program. During the FDR-

Truman Democrat Administrations, the Rosenbergs gave Russia the secrets to the Atomic Bomb. The Clinton Administration gave China the the intel to build Neutron Bomb.

Isn"t President Obama doing likewise!? Not only is he cutting our space program, but helping them build theirs. He is helping them build bridges and casinos in America! The United States will lose any future conflict, if its opponent controls space.

The stupidity of assisting the PLA's Milspace Program goes back to the Carter years, when the PLA's leading rocket scientist was allowed into the U.S. for two years of graduate studies. The Reagan and Bush Administrations should not have allowed the PLA to launch American satellites either. We keep selling the rope to hang us with!?

When will the treason in high places end in our land? Do we need to mention Obama's support of the communist sponsored homosexual movement and gay marriage? When will people wake up? We need to get rid of this black Lenin and his party. He, his party, and the UN will turn us into a "great" Soviet nation.

The authors, Timberlake and Triplett, correctly predicted in 1998 that Clinton's Faustian bargains would eventually lead to a terrorist attack on the United States... or Americans abroad with WMD's. The Clinton-Gore team gave away the "technical edge" that we relied on for our security. "It might not be catastrophic to us immediately" because of our distance from the battlefield, however our allies will lose their "edge in air-to-air combat.They may lose their country."

The prime goal of the CCP(Chinese Communist Party) was to insert someone under its direction into the highest levels of our government. Johnny Huang was that person. It was the Riadys primarily...and others that provided the campaign contributions to not only save Webster Hubbell,

but win both the elections of 1992 and 1996.

Wall Street Journal writer Mark Helprin described President Clinton as "the most corrupt, fraudulent, and dishonest president we have ever known." His remedy: Impeachment! Would not that description and solution also apply to the man that "occupies" the White now?

I think we are still living in the year of the rat, the rat Bill Clinton, the rat Hilliary Clinton, the rat Elizabeth Warren, and the rat Osama Ben Obama. How about the rat Richard Trumpka, or the rat John Roberts? We need some good American political terminators. Where are they to be found?...and it sure won"t be Arnold!