Thoughts from J. Edgar Hoover

Post date: Apr 28, 2015 8:47:19 PM

The Communist Party of the United States is a fifth column if there ever was one. Our Nation must be destroyed if world communism is to become a reality.


The proper balance between the rights of the individual and those of society is being undermined by two major elements----communism and organized crime. The basic answer to communism is MORAL; it is SPIRITUAL.

REASON and PARTIOTISM are still the Republic's first line of defense in these troubled times(1960). It can only continue to exist if faith remains forthright and strong, bulwarked by intelligent and basic moral concepts.

Communist Fronts:

-- are used constantly in the name of all kinds of worthy causes----to protect "civil rights", to protest the high cost of living, to combat racial discrimination, to guard the RIGHTS of the FOREIGN-BORN, and to advocate "true democracy".


----the organization feature as speakers known Communists, sympathizers, and fellow travelers?

----Is the organization endorsed by Communist-controlled labor unions?

----the organization refer to Soviet-dominated countries as democratic and the United States as imperialistic, constantly denouncing monopoly capital?

----the organization espouse liberal-progressive causes?

The first requisite is an idealistic sounding Lincoln Brigade and ACLU. They are designed to deceive the non-communist mass of people into unknowingly supporting the Communist program.

COMMUNISM must be built with NON-COMMUNIST HANDS. If America's resistance can be softened(morally) by lies shouted from these hives of concealed communism, the Party will be in a better position to launch a frontal attack upon our government. As Gus Hall said, the American public "definitely" has underestimated the size and influence of the Communist Party, USA.

Our country is a fantasy land filled with complimentary handouts of rights and freedoms without obligations. He who lives by the doctrine of hate lives in a vacuum of moral degeneracy. They attempt to cloak themselves in a cloak of patriotism and preach mobocracy. Their real objective is to profiteer and capitalize upon ignorance, prejudice, and bigotry.

Welcome to the Democrat Party!