TomMY Senator or Tommy Tomcat?

Post date: Apr 28, 2015 8:49:06 PM

While riding with an Arizona Highway Patrolman during the summer of 1976, our bi-centennial year, I was surprised and amazed by a comment by him. He said the Mob openly brags of controlling 34 states!(how many do you think they control now!?)

My next thought was obvious. Does it control Wisconsin? As a lifetime resident, I presumed it did. But, how would someone know if that was true? Since that time and with more forethought about the matter, the word gambling came to mind...and then girly joints. How about alcohol...or drugs?

A bartender from Phoenix once told me the mob controls 70% of the alcohol sold in that city. That brings to mind Senator John McCain, a man who womanized his way into a family that sells a lot of alcohol. I still remember the AZ Governor he didn't like who wasn't a womanizing - adulterer...and didn't drink. The man he supported to replace him was in jail within a year of taking office! Can that man betray us enough?...on the border and with NDAA?

Who was the Governor of Wisconsin that signed the bill to allow gambling into the state? What did the mob have on...or provide Gov. Thompson? Of course, gambling was supposed to solve all budgetary problems and education was never going to fall short of necessary funding either.

Who allows girly joints in their communities and why? As I have said before, "mob morality begets mob control of your community".We constantly hear of politicians and their affairs. Are these people giving us good government? Are you happy with either party?

My Assembly District in Wisconsin elected a known adulterer and his adulteress wife to office in 2010 over a veteran who wasn't. They had the support of all the GOP leaders. Now those same people, like Senator Johnson, Congressmen Duffy and Ryan, and Governor Walker(but not Tommy Thompson?) have thrown him under the bus for an "off color" comment he made about women back in December of 2011.

Why did they support him in the first place?! This leaves the WI GOP with egg on their face...and so will the U.S. Senate race I wonder if Tommy Thompson will bring Newt Gingrich into the state to campaign for him?

The Governor of Oregon keeps a mistress in the Governor's mansion. Did Gov. Thompson do the same? I am posing the question because I trust my sources. Though I was out the state while he was Governor, it seems to be common knowledge that he did so.

Such a person should never be voted into office because they are too compromised! One should read the book "Sexpionage" by David Lewis or the Sex Polution issue at the website to fully understand the threat it is to national as well as local security. Are we not yet tired of the Wieners and Schwartzneggars of the world and their false promises of better government?

The Father of the American revolution, Samuel Adams said, "he therefore is the truest friend to the liberty of this country who tries to promote its virtue and who, so far as his power and influence extend, will not suffer a man to be chose into any office of power and trust who is not a wise and virtuous man.."

In the Wisconsin Senate race we may have a chose between tweedle-dee and tweedle-DUM! The Democrats are openly running a lesbian and the GOP is running Tommy "tomcat?" Thompson. Adultery, pornography, promiscuity, and homosexuality are major communist goals to destroy the family structure of society and thereby a nation.

The Eau Claire school system allowed a lesbian teacher to out herself to her junior high age students. I was one of its citizens that let them know how upset we were by it. And told them I had never betrayed my country to such communist goals. My request to out myself was not allowed.

Commie-nester politics has a firm hold on the WI Senate race. Will we, like Oregon, wind up with red egg on our faces? In this coming election for U.S. Senator, we may sadly not have any other chose. The mob seems to not only have it's hand on Oregon, but still on Wisconsin too.

But, there is a party and candidate I can still vote for that stands firmly against such behavior. That party is the Constitution Party and the candidate is Riley J. Hood. I will write his name in..and that is AFACT! Are you Freeman enough to deal with it?!

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