Post date: Sep 11, 2017 12:28:03 AM

Did our President, who is half Democrat, just sell us out? No matter how many good things is does, it won't matter if he doesn't remove all incentives to invade our country...and deal with the national debt. He just gave the "government shut-down" game to them again and put them in the driver's seat on it in the future. The same old GOP capitulation game. The Democrats want to destroy the dollar by "forcing us to spend ourselves into destruction"(Lenin).

Wars, social programs, and....natural disasters will do that. They want to establish a world government under the UN with an international currency. It is not the role of the federal government to provide relief for natural disasters. That is the role for private individuals and businesses. If we would get rid of all the socialist taxes, there would be plenty available.

Our President won't prosecute Lois Lerner?!... neither Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder, nor Barack Obama. Is this the action of a Republican....or a Democrat? Key talk show hosts that supported him from the beginning are very upset with the deal he has made, i.e. Michael Savage and Mark Levin. Did he even get a guarantee of funding for the border wall? That's not a great deal. He could have ended DACA as it began, with an executive order. Instead he gave the opposition more time to resuscitate it and waste our time fighting over it again.

The usual Rhinos have come out attacking Trump for what he did with DACA. Tom Brokaw says the GOP is running a war against Hispanics. Gov. Kasich wants the (commie) dreamers to come to OH for protection. Like CA, he wants OH to be a sanctuary state. Former comrade governor of AZ, "the mother of DACA" Janet Nepolitano is joining in a lawsuit to protect it. Polosi says that Trump will sign a Dream Act....with the help of Ryan?...who says to them, "rest easy". Senators Graham(SC), Flake(AZ), Murkowski(AL), and Gardner(CO) will support it, as do Jared ans Ivanka.

The fraud in DACA is at a 40-50% level. All socialist programs are at that level. Pushing them down to the states would cut the expense in half. All welfare is unconstitutional and needs to be brought to an end. Local control minimizes the problem. This President neither understands the Constitution, nor the enemy domestic. But neither do most of our citizens...or he wouldn't be in office in the first place! You can have much better next time!

P.S. A BLM leader says that they need to change their communist slogan from "white privilege" "white supremacy". They should be declared a terrorist group also.