Trump Socialism in Detroit?

Post date: Sep 9, 2016 4:13:42 AM

Did Trump go there to promise them freedom from fear...and want? This was the old battle cry of FDR and his remake of the Democrat Party. He transformed America too. Donald promised them a life of freedom, peace, ...and prosperity. Like his stand on immigration, this website was four years ahead of him on that. Those three things come only to those who are virtuous Freemen. Where did this right to a safe community come from? Is Donald promising them what only law abiding citizens can earn?

Their out-of-wedlock birthrate is 75%. They have the morals of a dog. And he is promising them our money to bring them into the mainstream. "Comrade" Castro of HEW not only wants to implement China's formula for moving people from the country into the cities, but also the movement of minorities into white the crime rate will go up. They will get special vouchers(at the expense of "Whitey") to pay for housing, food, make life fair and equal! Be sure to go and thank Speaker Ryan for this transformation(and transfer of wealth). This is another example of Communism's forced association game...with groups they control. They always support the criminal's right(ACLU) to take your property.

This raises an obvious question that should be put to Donald Trump. Being a "religious man", why didn't he remind them of a few spiritual laws and tell them the solution is in their hands...not our pocketbook? Hard to do for a man who has never been moral himself. "If you live my (moral)commandments you will be blessed", if not you will be cursed. The "Resolution" shows they have betrayed themselves ...and this country. They have been under the control of Moscow for a long time. "Black Lives Matter" proves the point. This has been, is, and always will be a hard line communist front organization. Such groups should be banned from the streets of America. The "right" of our enemies to demonstrate is one those great lies promoted by our "Soviet" Supreme Court.

Glen Beck doesn't get it. His apologetic approach to them falls right in line with the Communist Party misinformation propaganda line. He says they are the same as the Tea Party!? Ridiculous! What does Mammon have to do with God?This "small" minority is controlling our campuses and also supporting the LGBT Queer movement. The redder the heiny, the redder the mouth! A small group staged the Russian Revolution, and this group is doing the same in America. It seems the higher the out-of-wedlock birthrate, the bigger the mouth and the louder the cry is to "Get Whitey". It's time for white people to "White" up and treat these groups as they enemies of the United States. To stand against "Red good racism! Don't let the black Nazis get you!!!