Trump Nearly Perfect!?

Post date: May 1, 2017 2:10:49 AM

He hasn't even addressed the three issues I always lead with:

1) The Federal Reserve System

If he was really serious about reforming a "fiat money" system, he would have appointed Ron Paul to be the Secretary of Treasury instead of another Goldman-Sachs "bankster". The FRS gets to loan money it doesn't have,

creating it out of thin air. Don't you wish we could do that to pay your taxes? If you don't pay back the "funny money", you may lose your home, car, or other possessions. If you really want an education, read the book,"The Creature from Jekyll Island.

2) The Department of Education(Soviet indoctrination)

The idea for this came from a book written in 1932 by the head of the Communist Party: Toward a Soviet America.

Jimmy Carter with the help of all people, Newt Gingrich, signed it into law in 1979. It passed the House by only

three votes. What a curse it has been on our country! Especially when indoctrinating our youth in the communist

moral agenda: Homosexuality, promiscuity, pornography, and other sexually decadent behaviors now summarized

by the letters LGBTQ. Need we mention "Commie" core? No matter the topic, it now propagates a steady stream

Marxist ideology no matter the subject, especially in our colleges. Where is the plan to get rid of it?!!

3) The United Nations

Good thing it wasn't around when Joshua crossed the Jordan River. It's here to teach us "matters of the heart"....

all in favor of international socialism. It is a Trojan horse and needs to be defunded and removed from our soil.

It provides a "safe house" for subversive activities, undermining our Republic from within. Our President is far from

perfect here. Get US out of the UN, and the UN out of the US!!!

If our President is near perfect why are refugees still coming into our country at the same rate as they were under Obama? Why has he failed to deliver on the promise to protect Religious Liberty? Because he hasn't done so yet, a 70 year old grandmother, along with others, may lose her business, home, and life savings. Religious Liberty was supposed to be his first priority. Is he acceding to the homo lobby? He is being called upon to appoint 1000 new federal judges. Hope they won't be of the "lavender' variety.

The Sec. of Agriculture says President Trump won't deport illegal farm workers. Mexico is warning us not to build the wall because it would be a "hostile and deeply unfriendly" act....and an "aggravating action". And what do you call Mexican troops shooting across our border or crossing the border to protect drug trafficers? Who encouraged the invasion of America? These should be causes to declare war, not just alter NAFTA. To build the wall would "violate the rights of Mexicans"!? do what?...invade and attack us? Their actions are an act of war and so is their hostile propaganda. We need to take them down before they take back the Southwest.

Whenever a politician uses the word "everybody", you know he is not telling the truth. As President Trump spoke of protecting 2nd Amendment Rights, he spoke of how everyone has the same red blood in their veins. No, not everyone's blood is red, white, and blue. Some are just red...and they all don't deserve to be taken care of.

Lou Dobbs was the only commentator warning us about the North American Union and the problems it has caused on our border. The elite want to combined Canada and Mexico with our country. That's why they don't really want to solve the border problem. Communism calls for "open borders". Do you want to combine you family with another so you can assume their financial obligations?

I have always thought highly of Mr. Dobbs until he said our President is "nearly perfect". Yes he may have had more successes in this short time frame than any other president. But he is still just a 50/50 president. This kind of praise is over the top. Every time you like what he is doing, he does something wrong. And every time you get upset at him for doing something wrong, he says something right. If he can't address the issues I have just written about, he is a long way from being perfect!