Post date: Apr 15, 2017 10:14:41 PM

The Syrian situation as reported by our "fake news" reminds me of the book "1984", where the people are programmed by the media. It seems to have happened in this instance too. People are ready to go to war....and send in troops!? This a decision made by President Trump based more on emotion rather than study, principle, or fact. It reminds me of the kind of "yellow" journalism that has gotten us into wars we shouldn't have been in....and those we lost because of it. It is again hiding behind women and children

The globalists that control our media have been putting out "fake" news for a long time and are doing it again in relation to Syria and chemical weapons. Our state department is still corrupt as ever, still run by the World Government crowd. From China and Mao, Fidel and Cuba, to the Shah of Iran and now Assad, they have always followed the policy of "worse, worser, worst"(you can read that commentary on this website). Is not the whole middle-east proof of that. Are we better off with the new leaders of Egypt or Libya? Israel wants Syria out of the way before she can attack Iran...and the US controlled rebels are willing to help do that.

The globalists want an Arab(middle east) Union just like they want a North American Union.... like the one they created in Europe. That's why they are vigorously fighting border control and want to tie us into the EU through trade treaties that would cost us even more control of our borders. Speaker Ryan is doing all he can do to block funds to build the fence. Back to the topic at hand....chemical weapons.

There have been other attacks before this....done by the Syrian rebels to make Assad look bad and trick us into the "red line" scenario. Why would President Assad want to fall into that trap? In 2013 the rebels used Sarin nerve gas in a Damascus suburb killing almost 1000. A version of the story told to the Associated Press says it was caused by the mishandling of the nerve gas. They most likely received shipments through Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Remember the whole Benghazi debacle was about Ambassador Stevens clandestinely shipping arms to "the rebels". Have we done this before? other arms to the cartels in Mexico?

Our "shadow government"(CIA, FBI, etc.) is far too involved in the dark side of government(regime change). If you mess with the "deep state", you may get the "Kennedy" treatment. The rebels have numerous stockpiles of chemical weapons. The latest information I have from World Affairs Brief states that the whole clean-up affair was faked. They could not have done so if it was Sarin gas. The "White Helmets" funded by such globalists as George Soros would not be alive. GS sure knows where to put his money...into the hands of our enemies. We need to go after him, and banish him from our country....for aiding and abetting an enemy cause.

Trump's big supporter, Michael Savage, has turned against him on this. His professional training qualifies him to say that it was most likely Phosgene. If it was Sarin gas, the first-responders would have been died. Apparently, a Syrian airstrike accidentally hit a rebel chemical weapons storage area. As Mr. Savage says, "Something stinks to high heaven!". Is it not common for our enemies to do such things in order to damage our public image?

This looks like the work of Gen McMasters, another globalist. President Trump hasn't yet cleaned out the State Department. Refugee numbers are now back up to those numbers called for by Hillary Clinton!? Why hasn't he put an end to this?...forcing of them into states where they are not wanted.! It appears 70% are military age. This is not resettlement, but...INVASION! We are being set up for something very unpleasant. Conservatives are not only upset with the idea of sending troops into Syria, in fulfillment of an Obama foreign policy, but also for numerous Trump "switchbacks" that have occurred in the last week such as:

1) He said before the election that NATO was obsolete. Now he has pledged his full support.

2) He said China was a currency manipulator. Now he says they aren't

3) He said he would replace FED chairman Janet Yellen because she "was ruining the country" Now he isn't

because he likes her and respects her. (he may not know she's planning to get rid of him)

4) He said that the artificially low interest rates would cause " a bubble where you go into massive recession".

Now he likes these interest rates.

5) He was going to get rid of the Export-Import bank. Now he says "it's a very good thing". China is a frequent recipient of these loans. Remember these bad loans are backed up by you, the American tax payer

6) He decreed a five year ban on lobbyists. Now he is granting waivers.

Trump says, "he didn't change his mind, the facts changed". Is that a good one line for all two faced politicians? Facts and principles don't change, but under heat, commitments do. Congressman Steve King is very displeased over President Trump's lack of action in regard to DACA and DAPA. He is not confident that Congress will appropriate the funds for the new promised border guards, immigration(invasion) enforcement, or the wall. With a government shut-down threat looming again, and Ryan in charge, don't expect to get the best result. If Gorsuch turns into the "Sutter" I expect, we can start calling Trump the "head fake" President. That would negate the whole reason for electing him.

Maybe his appointment of Tom Marino as Drug Czar(why are we using Russian terms) will be a good one because he is such a hardliner on Marijuana. The Communists have been pushing for it's legalization for decades(along with their homosexual movement). Will Pres. Trump suspend the Davis-Bacon Act which artificially raises construction costs 30%: or will he act like a Democrat and help them defraud the public? Ben Carson is letting us down by supporting the Democrat HUD plan to force minorities into white their expense! BLM will soon be in a home near you! I guess if we fired him...that would be racist.