Post date: Apr 4, 2016 8:32:42 PM

Donald Trump calls him lying Ted...and a Trojan Horse candidate. You can always tell what Donald Trump is by the names he calls someone else. Russia and the Communist Internationle play the same game with the USA. So does the Democrat Party! Since Trump used my Immigration and PC issues from four years ago, we could call him the "copycat thief".

On the eve of the Iowa Caucuses, Cruz announced that Carson was out of the race. He never should have left the door of inappropriate behavior open. Now we are hearing about his possible affairs. If they ever prove out true, it will be very embarrassing for Scott Walker. The first person he brought into the state to raise funds for him was the adulterous Newt Gingrich, the man Sean Hannity thought should be Speaker of the House again. Newt gave us the communist inspired Dept. of Education by just three votes. Now WI is stuck "with common(commie) core standards" for ten years.

The Ted Cruz "scandal" supposedly started with the Rubio campaign and GOP operatives. Rubio seems to have his own such problems relating to the homosexual movement. The establishment may need Cruz to stop Trump before they take him out. Many conservatives have become ineffective leaders because they could be morally blackmailed. Anyone remember McCarthy? Some Christians believe being "born again" covers all past...and future sins. If this is so, it might explain why so many love their womanizer/adulterous candidates. The GOP has many of them. Some in the party think more highly of them than those who never did. That kind of hypocrisy has cost them elections. Why are those who flunked the "Joseph Test" better than those who haven't?

The count is now up to eight women. The tabloid has been right about many other people, i.e. John Edwards. I can't remember when a "smoke" story did not proven out correct in recent history. Supposedly his wife Heidi knew about them. Their long separations may have lead to the problem. When a reporter asked him if he had ever committed adultery, Carly Fiorina cut in and kept him from having to answer. Maybe his father should answer the question too? To say your son has been "anointed" to win this race borders on blasphemy. If true, it is something that should be kept to one's self as did "David".

I met Pastor Cruz at an Eagle Forum event, gave him a copy of the Barron Co. Resolution, and asked him to give it to his son. He seemed hesitant to do so. Eagle Forum usually has a table for material to be passed around, but did not do so after that event!?? Why did Phillis Schlafly endorse the biggest offender of that resolution? At this point, I don't think any of the three candidates will come out of the convention as the nominee. None of them turned down the WI Forum run by CNN and its gay moderator. They should have; and warned of the dangerous communist moral attack on America. Maybe none of them are moral enough to do so? Paul Ryan isn't going to either.

A pro-cell in the Eau Claire School District in WI allowed a lesbian teacher to "promote" her life style in the classroom. She and the principal that gave permission should have been fired. They called her a hero, a title applied to all those who promote Communist Party goals. I told the school board that I had never betrayed my country to those subversive goals and asked them if I was a hero? They didn't seem to think this veteran was. I posed the same question to the same type of classes I coincidentally had been called to sub in. I proudly did so, and dared them to do something about it. They called me again but not in those classes. Ted Cruz should proudly say the same thing. The way to settle this matter is to answer the question!!!