Turning Red?

Post date: Jul 30, 2018 1:53:54 AM

Putin is refusing to own up to the FACT that he is"deploying a vast network of Russian assets to direct the movement of millions of illegal immigrants across the Sonoran Desert, through dozens of checkpoints, into our country....as part of a master plan to attack American financial viability, national security, and future prosperity: will the media, the Democrat Party, or corporate Republicans ever energize from their stupor?"

No, immorality gives then VD of the brain! The whole system of socialism is based upon it. Putin and Communist Internationle are doing so to all western countries. This has been going on for decades through legal and illegal immigration in order to overwhelm "European" cultures and force western countries to "spend themselves into destruction". Their vast network has been infiltrated into our country for 100 years with the goal of taking over the Democrat Party. Slowly we turned..and there is was...in full Red bloom.

O-C says democratic socialism(communism) is surging in the age of Trump. No, it has been surging since the age of FDR! Embrassing socialism(communism) reflexs the desperation of a party losing control of the Judiciary and the regulatory state? Not much of that has happened yet. The corner may have been turned, but there is much more to do. James Comey says they should not rush to the socialist(communist) left. They have been their for years....and are now just "coming out of the closet".

The Soviet idea of "free love" seems to give then "eyes that don't see and ears that don't hear". "The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and your ears. It was the final most essential command.", George Orwell. Such is the new Soviet Democrat Party.