VP Debate 2016

Post date: Oct 5, 2016 4:49:59 PM

When Hillary Clinton came out on stage wearing Red, I thought, how appropriate! Last night Tim Kaine came out wearing a

red tie, again appropriate for the commie-nester party. Each VP candidate wore the color tie of the other party!? Actually the wore the correct color of their party philosophies: Red for communism....and True blue for Americanism. Why should the GOP accept the color of the Soviet Democrat Party? When fox news shows the electoral state by state votes, I wish they would get it right, and reverse the colors. That picture would be worth more than 1000 words.

Mike Pence had this debate won in the first 15 minutes. He was the most calm and presidential of them all. Now Mr. Trump, don't go King Saul on us! It was Mr. Kaine that was stressed out and on the defensive. His decoy personality attacks on Donald Trump did not work. He mentioned that he and Hillary were qualified to be in the White House because of their "passion". "We can make life better and safer"......with someone else's money! There is way to much passion in the party of communism. The Clintons have brought way to much commie "passion" there already. They are definitely all in it together. Talk about being "stronger together"!

Neither answered the economy and budget question correctly. The best way to improve both is to GET RID of SOCIALISM! Get rid of the Soviet welfare, commie-care state. All it does is trap people on a new red plantation. It does not make life better or safer. Gov. Kaine said that Social Insecurity is the best government ever! Maybe Gov. Pence should have said it originated in the CPUSA. As all social programs do, they make everyone equally poor rather than unequally prosperous. Those big bad Republicans had better not ever privatize it! The Democrats would then lose control over people. Dependency is the goal rather than independence. Nothing like that good old plantation socialism.

Kaine said Democrats have done immigration reforms. Not yet they haven't. Unless you call letting more of our enemies into the country instead of keeping them out reform. The party of invasion doesn't like the party of sovereignty. Real Americans love borders, the Marxists don't. Pence said we have become weak on foreign policy in the eyes of the world because of the lack of leadership of the Obama-Clinton administration. Wish he had said we are weak because of TREASON!!!....the treason of our President! He has not only weakened us in foreign affairs but also domestic affairs with his support(along with Loretta Lynch) of the communist run Black Lives Matter movement. This has lead to "Mandela" hits on individuals, cities, and the police..

Mike Pence did have to "fuzz" over some issues for Donald Trump. Tim Kaine had to decoy away from issues by transferring topics to subjective personality issues like taxes, or she said, he said Trump comments. When all else fails, lie like hell. The Clinton foundation take no money out for them, but the Trump foundation does!? Gov. Pence won this debate because he could tell the truth.....better than Gov. Kaine could lie.