Post date: Apr 28, 2015 9:04:39 PM

In the Vietnam Era, those that chose to work with their hands instead of their mouth where forced into a false war for those who went to college. We created a new elitist "british" class who talk rather than do!...and they don't mind getting us into illegal wars.

The Heroes of YAK are still hiding out in college, and lucky for them, we have an all volunteer military. We don't have enough men to fight our wars so we have gone the way of Rome and hired mercenaries, some with the bribe of citizenship. We are also bringing more women in to fill the gap left by the heroes. They don't like the risk of equal responsibility, but the Ivy League lawyers and businessmen sure love ruling America.

President Clinton had his decoy military venture in Bosnia to cover for his conduct with Ms Lewinsky. A morally decayed military was glad to go to war for another decayed President.

Now General Allen seems to be doing the same thing to bolster his image as a successful commander with the rescue of the doctor in Afganistan and the unfortunate loss of one Navy Seal.

It still doesn't cover for the FACT that he betrayed his oath to protect our country from the major communist causes of adultery, promiscuity, pornography, and homosexuality as revealed in the sex pollution issue on this website. The GOP doesn't want you to know about them either!?

Petraus and Allen simply betrayed their oath for the pleasure of an enemy cause. Is this why the Marine Corps finally caved in on gays in the military? It appears they now want the "proud and the few" who will bend over. And in Platonian fashion, they are now allowing women to train as infantry officers. That is something even the Israelis won't do.

What will such conduct bring in the future? I'm betting on a bigger military conflict. Wag the the Dog morallity will get more Wag-the-Dog government. Roman/UN morality will only beget more "Roman" unconstitutional wars.

But do not fear. All is well as long as the Heroes of YAK are in charge and safe at home. One should read a book by Marine General(and two time Medal of Honor winner) Smedley Butler called, "War is a Racket".