"False"White History Month/Red Racism XI

Post date: Jan 23, 2016 4:49:57 AM

Don't let the black nazis get to you. This will be a Marxist controlled false white history month of April. Are we getting another "Black" history month?.....black meaning false, lying, evil, and morally decayed. Just what we need, another hatemonger month for blacks! "White" people usually don't blame their problems on other cultures. That would be "racism". In this case it would be very appropriate to do so. Other cultures, especially "Black" ones do, but that's not racism? The "majority of minorities", "black lives matter", "white history" crowd run by the Rainbow Coalition IS an enemy attack on all that is good about our country.

This new propaganda tactic has come out of the black communist left. The race war continues, and will do so until the "majority of minorities" communist attack conquers American "white privilege". They have conquered Columbus day and the birthdays of our two greatest presidents, the Cross....and the Confederate flag. The American flag must go too. Isn't it time for white people to stand up for their culture. Despite what others may say, there is nothing wrong with putting the loyal support ones own culture first. Just as your family should come first. It's natural and good....if you do so virtuously. That cannot be said of the blame someone else crowd. Why are we paying for the "Hate America" propaganda put out on our college campuses? It's time to remove those that tolerate the black communist left instead of those that don't.

This now gives our enemies two months in which to hate us and alter our history, making it more suitable for subversives controlled by Moscow. They control both Black...and White history month. If we cannot beat this fifth column at home, why send troops overseas? As Glen Beck has said, "the enemy is within the gates"! You will not beat them with words.

They need to be removed from campus, and if necessary, from our country. We need a massive deportation policy. Instead, TOTUS(Traitor of....) is giving us the opposite. Rome fell because they could not remove their invaders(immigrants). And so will we if we don't. We are at war and it's time the measures it requires are taken. All Freemen need to rise up and "throw the bums out" of the country, especially those in the White House and Congress.