White Privilege/RR Part VII

Post date: Apr 28, 2015 9:31:15 PM

The communist minority movement has come out with a few new slogans in the race war against "White" America: 1) Hands up, don't shoot, 2) Blacks lives matter, 3) White Privilege, and, 4) Shoot the Police! How about one for Sharpton, Jackson, and those that follow them? Shut up, and get out!

The last slogan is pure fulfillment of the old CPUSA attack program of the 60's against the police. If you can create disrespect for law enforcement, then you can break down society and stage a revolution. And now we have Samuel L. singing his commie song. Hats off to the NYPD for telling their commie mayor to hit the road at their funerals. Veterans need to do the same thing to our Comrade President, and accept no Medals from him.

This traitor is now going to bring Syrian refugees into the United States to further overload the system and bring it down. Any culture except white is welcome. All these non-"White" troops will fulfill Lenin's call to force the United States to spend it self into destruction through commie-fare. We need white power to counter the black power of the communist left.

Good never goes into Evil communities, but the opposite is always true. If good people don't want to live with corrupt people, then you need "civil rights" laws to force you to associate with them. Evil either attacks evil(as in the black community), or strikes out against good peaceful, preferably white, communities. Its always someone else's fault. Evil does not tolerate good; and the reverse should be true also.

In the beginning, Cain slew Abel. His skin color was changed and his seed was cursed. That may have been the beginning of "white privilege". Such judgments by God would seem to lead to a constant state of "racism" that forces controlled by Satan would never like. It is revealing that he is usually portrayed as being black or red. And NO, "black" lives don't matter...except to evil societies. True Blue lives do.

Criminal lives, or nations, are of no value to a righteous people or country. No country needs a "bastard " culture. When good people forget their heritage and become corrupt, they are easily infiltrated by them, and taken over from within. Such seems to be the state of affairs in America and the communist control of all minorities.

God's law of gravity carries with it...White Privilege! If you live his laws, you are blessed; and if not, you are cursed ...even with a "skin of blackness". The best way for blacks to get rid of racism and white privilege is to clean up their own so morally decayed lives and follow the examples of such people as Ben Carson, Rev. Jesse Peterson, Congressman West, and Congresswoman Mia Love of Utah.

Strange, they weren't invited to the White House meeting in the West wing to discuss the "racism" problem with the police in Ferguson and around the nation. Comrade Obama can't have any of those "aunt jemimas and uncle toms" messing up the "I hate America" red race war.

The big lie that whites will never give blacks justice is ruined by such people. Justice and tolerance are a result of virtue, something all but lacking in the black community. With an out-of-wedlock birth rate of 70%, they have justly received the ire of a virtuous and responsible "White" culture...and the deserved cursing of a just God. Commie morality will bring neither justice nor peace.

The only peace they want is the kind that comes from submission to Communism. As Soviet leaders have said, there will be no "peace" until America is destroyed. No country needs such a culture of evil in it. So....Shut up, and get out!