Post date: Feb 26, 2018 3:08:37 AM

Communist youth leagues were formed in America in the early part of the last century.. "Peace" groups existed in Portland, OR high schools back in the early 80's. Now we hear of such groups taking over high schools in Tucson, AZ and banning the American flag, replacing it with the Mexican flag, or refusing our Pledge of Allegiance. It is not uncommon in CA schools for teachers to put up with F-bombs every period.

In my first teaching position in Phoenix, AZ, in 1977, I had to put up with that nonsense until I finally went down to the district office and told the person who hired me that someone had better get that liberal principal out of my way, or find a new teacher. Using the paddle the next Monday solved a multitude of problems. We didn't hear any more F-bombs. Good luck trying that today. I turned down a math teaching position in Portland in 1982, because it seemed I was targeted by an agitator "off the street" the school didn't want to do anything about. That was the last time I tried to teach and eventually went into "politics". That definitely ended a teaching career.

'Useful idiots' is a term use in J. Edgar Hoover's book, "The Masters of Deceit"(on my book list). By the fifties, the left had such groups organized in every race, sex, age group, and profession. Now the Communist Internationle has shifted its tactics to the children and youth groups worldwide to push their agenda. They definitely did not let a crisis go to waste in Parkland, FL They have destroyed 1st amendment rights on our college campuses, now they are after the 2nd amendment. The Bernie Sanders worshiping website Moveon.org has this to say about it.

"The students who survived the Parkland massacre have pierced America's conscience with their moral certitude and fierce determination....Young people in communities around the country are leading the way--just as they've done in every breakthrough social movement in our history. We simply must seize this moment and do more to stand with them." There you have it, right from the horse's Red mouth! They also brag of having 551 local Revolution groups and counting.

President Trump has allowed himself to become a "useful idiot" by allowing them to use the White House as a propaganda platform. FDR used to do that all the time. And then he gave them what they wanted and issued an order against bump stocks. What will he give them next, DACA...and single payer?...a national registry? Is he, like Gov. Scott of FL, open to confiscating firearms? Thankfully, he doesn't agree with Gov. Scott on not allowing teachers to be armed.

The students were well trained and coached to threaten us if we didn't do what they asked. Dana Loesch should not have walked into that CNN commie trap. She was called a murderer and a bad mother. If students were that insolent in my classroom, I would have thrown them out. If you don't know the meaning of the word "Civil", keep your mouth shut till you do. At one point she was advised by the host to leave right away with her security team. As she latter said, if she hadn't, she mostly wouldn't have gotten out safely at all. That event was nothing more than a communist party rally. Have the parents no shame?!...using their children's death for leftist political causes. That's the way the "evil empire" works!

The "youthful idiots" were used for protests across America. The women's march leader fueled the Parkland protests. Sheriff Clarke called them Soros astro-turf. Soros loves his Red politics. Oprah, Spielberg, and Katzenberg gave half a million to the cause. Our youth are not only commie trained to "love" each other up, but to destroy the NRA and the Pledge of Allegiance.

Our "Loyalty Oath' states: "I do solemnly swear(or affirm) that I do bear TRUE FAITH and ALLEGIANCE to the United States of America and will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all its enemies, foreign and domestic......I do solemnly swear(or affirm) that I do not believe in, and am not a member of and do not support any organization that believes in or teaches, the overthrow of the United States Government by force or violence or by any illegal or unconstitutional methods."

Many of us have taken this oath in military service to our country. I also took that oath as a teacher in AZ years ago. Wonder if they still do that? Am I overstating the obvious when I say that leaves out the NEA, Hollywood, the Democrat Party,...and these youth? What a fifth column we have!! Are you ready to rally against all this internal subversion? You should join CPAC and other patriotic groups listed on my website.

The left has tried to define this as a right to life issue. That is what the Constitution protects. The right to life as defined by them does not trump the Constitution's right to defend ourselves. It does not trump the right to protect life. The real problem is one of virtue. Education without moral training leads to the atrocities of Nazi Germany and Communist Russia.

....and the shootings taking place in America now. Laws only work for a moral and religious people. As some have said, our God needs to go back in the classroom. "Tyranny begins where God leaves off"..Wm Penn.