Red Racism continues in America through the NFL...and other professional sports teams. The latest news reports

say that the NFL has been funding "Resistance"(Communist) groups. I wrote about that over 30 years ago in my AFACT newsletter. Though small, it was strong enough to take out Ronald Reagan's chose to be the first female vice-president; it cost her the Governorship of Oregon. He should have supported someone like Phyllis Schlafy instead.

The NFL has always supported leftist causes. The NFLPA supported the Sandinestas in Nicaguagua back then, and they support BLM and Antifa now. They support every morally twisted cause from the left whether it be transgender showers or homosexuality. One NFL player is arrested every seven days. As one player said, there are no virgins in the NFL. It has been reported that blacks make up 75% of the NFL. Is it a coincidence that 75% are born out of wedlock? They can't seem to get rid of that old plantation morality. I guess that qualifies them to make big moral judgments about racism and white supremacy?! The redder the heiney, the bigger the mouth! Jimmy the Greek was right a long time ago. Since blacks make up only 13% of the population, maybe whites need some affirmative action here?

The following comes from an article on family in the New American magazine. Bad men cannot make good citizens. Such people forge their own chains. There is an indissoluble link between virtue and happiness. Such is their real problem. Theirs is a society without marriage or family. There is no peace or harmony without either. They have failed the family test of freedom, for the family is the only thing that a Freeman can make for himself...and by himself. The rejection of traditional concepts of marriage tear apart the fabric of a society. Who has the "best" record of that? And who has the biggest mouth of discontent?

"Taking a knee" reminds me of the movie "Tombstone" starring Stacy Keatch as Doc Holiday with Faye Dunaway as his mistress(commie-girl). In one of the scenes a religious women suggested she get on her knees and pray. Her answer was, "when I get on my knees, it isn't to pray!" Such is the symbolic behavior of the NFL. The commie God they worship doesn't have any morals either. They can't seem to keep from forming their own "commie" chains(linking arms). The communists have staged arms across Amerika events before. As Craig Hodges said, mimicking our former VP, "Trump wants blacks kneeling in the cotton fields again". He obviously has TDS(Trump Derangement Syndrome). Blacks don't have to worry about the GOP trying to put them in chains again. They're doing a great job of it all by themselves!

The black communist left has come out with a declarations of war in the following statements:

-- the American flag is "just a piece of cloth nobody fights for".---Shannon Sharpe

-- white players who stand for the flag are standing for "white supremacy".

-- "whose streets?, our streets" and "no Trump, no KKK, and no fascist USA".

-- "All I want for Christmas is white genocide".-- Drexel Univ. Prof. George Ciccariello-Mahar

-- "If you are a white male, you don't deserve to live!" -- CPUSA member Harvard Prof. Noel Ignatiev

Even a WWII vet "took a knee". Is there anything the communists haven't infiltrated? And then we have the juvenile behavior of the Giant's Becham "urinating in the end zone". It appears that these college educated people never learned the meaning of the word "civil". The black Nazis are coming out of the NFL(and NBA) wall work and "spitting in our faces". Are you going to "call it dew"? Are you feeling the "Love" yet?!

The NBA coach of the San Antonio Spurs, Gregg Popovich(sounds very Russian), says, "white people need to be made to feel uncomfortable". Lebron James said it was an honor to be invited to the White House until Trump showed up. Stephen Curry cost his team's visit to the White House. Good for President Trump on that. I wouldn't invite any of the pro teams to come if I were President. They're all MOB run anyway. Mob morality brings mob control. I'd rather invite worthy military units that really deserve the honor.

The FBI is warning us of coming violence from black identity extremist groups. The Soviet black caucus wants them to reverse that. The RED anarchists want to bring our country down from within through violence and chaos. I think we can put the NFL Hamas in with that. Antifa is planning a violent civil war to overthrow our government. Obama is sitting in the wings chomping at the chance to led it. Al Sharpton can hardly wait to claim ownership the revolution also.

Though owners like Jerry Jones have said they must stand or not play, not much has happened yet. Can he really stand by his words, since he has that huge "Roman" coliseum to pay for? Instead he lead a "Liberation Sunday". Are the owners afraid of the threatened "uproar"? I wonder what that will be? The slaves are rebelling against the NFL "plantation owners". Will the owners do what is right, and let the consequences follow, no matter what it costs them? I doubt they will risk" life, fortune, or sacred honor" to do so. The Communists will! Titan Rihard Matthews says he will quit if he has to stand. P. Diddy wants to own a team and "keep white folks out of the NFL". Then what will they do for revenue?! Hey "White" folks, are you going to let this Red Racism conquer you?

Are you ready to boycott yet? Or are you afraid to recognize they have declared war on you? Why do you want to fund your own demise!? Over 700,000 have petitioned to take down the statue of Ray Lewis. And 67% want to take away their tax breaks. The Packers should have been sent packing to LA the last time they "blackmailed" Brown county citizens into helping pay for improvements to the stadium. Now they're calling them racists for not supporting their "commie" chain. "Those who support racists, are racists." Hear that Aaron Rodgers!? The best way to improve our communities is to throw all these socialist mob run teams out. As the communists say, keep the youth away from religion with sports and sex. They do all to good a good job of disguising it all behind false religion!

There used to be a time when blacks weren't allowed in the NFL or NBA. They gained access through "civil" rights laws and now make multi-millions. They fought their way in...and now they are complaining about being "slaves"!? The more you help evil people, the more they hate you?!! You just cannot reason with the criminal mind. Another name for communism is: the International Criminal Conspiracy. Their lack of virtue gives them all away. Tyranny has many faces,freedom only one.

Antifa said they would deface Columbus statues on Columbus Day...and they did!....with they're favorite color of "patriotism"...RED! That should be the color on statues of comrade MLK. Let's see if white people can get away with that next year!? One hundred (commie)pastors and "community leaders" called for "taking a knee" before the Panthers-Eagles football protest social and racial injustice. "Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it". Are they protesting income inequality? If so, they can send me half of their paycheck.

Since they have infiltrated so many school boards and city councils, the Marxists are able to spread false lies about Columbus and replace his honor with that of commie UN indigenous peoples day as they did in Eau Claire, WI. Back in 2008, a principal in a junior high gave a lesbian teacher permission to out herself to her 7th grade class. Many parents were obviously upset, since they were never notified. The local communists flooded the local paper with letters calling her a hero. I was probably the only one in town who knew that this was a typical pro-cell operation, supported by a majority on school board. I read the "Barron County Resolution to them...and left town. Of course the SNFL(Soviet National Football League) supports all of this. Remember....the Communists have always operated through sports teams they have sent into America.

The "taking a knee" NFL wants to declare November "commie" activism month. That may begin with Antifa's overthrow the government day on Nov. 4th? Kaepernick started all of this in the name of racial injustice and police brutality--two of the communist lefts's greatest causes. He says he will not stand for a faulty country. Really?! Nothing like faulty people not wanting to stand for a "faulty" country. Maybe they shouldn't have citizenship or be allowed to vote in such a "faulty" country either?!

We are being attacked by the Communist left with such "war words" as: racist, fascist, Nazi, Homophobe, Islamaphobe, "black lives matter", police brutality, "majority of minorities", "white privilege", "white supremacist" and F-you. That all means "honky" or "White nigger"(Harvey Weinstein?). If they want to "get whitey"? Where is the black country or community that people are fighting to get into for.....Freedom, Peace, and Prosperity!!!? After over 150 years of freedom given to them by good "white" people, this is the thanks they get!? The leaders in Russia long ago called for a black nation within America controlled by them. It started even before the 60's and continues today. "Destroy, deny, degrade, and disrupt". The Latinos are doing the same thing in the Southwest. Putin is loving it!

Blacks have become the great traitor race...with the Latinos close behind. Looks like all they are good for is subversion. They make good athletes, mercenaries, and "Ho"s. All this is aided by such people as Jesse Jackson and his "Rainbow Coalition"(Communist-front). Wherever they live, why do they always follow the lowest element of that society, rather than the highest? Rather than chose the Americanist philosophy of Booker T. Washington, the vast majority have chosen to follow the Communism of Dubois. As former NFLer Burgess Owens might say, they have chosen to follow the Royal Class Black Man....who follows the Royal Class White Man.

We fought the Civil War....for what!? When blacks were first freed, many thought they should be shipped back to their own culture in Africa. History has proven them to be right!!! They have always been a curse to America. They have rejected our moral and political values and have become America's HAMAS. The NFL is only proving the point! Even Michael Savage has warned about the "coming civil war". Treason and betrayal are "in the wind". Will FREEMEN stand against this dangerous fifth column...or "take a knee" before it?

The SNFL has now shown it's true color very clearly. Their "patriotism" was faked all along...and they will continue to do so. Any demand that they be required to stand for the national anthem is now a moot point. It would just add further insult to the original injury. They no longer deserve the honor of doing so. The battle line has been drawn between "people of color"(red) on the left and "whitey"(red, white, and blue) on the right.. These enemy "sport'in" organizations should receive no further public support. To do so would be foolish....and treasonous!

Enough of this Soviet Democrat "DEMOCIDE"!! Are...YOU...ready to fight...Communism in America?!

Remember..."WHITE" power!, don't let the Black Nazis get you,......and vote for John Schiess for US Senator in WI.